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Mrs. Stanley and Mrs. Hamner

Monthly News

March 2020


The month of March will be very busy, as you will see in the list of Reminders and Events below.  We will wrap up our exploration of boxes with some finishing touches and move into our other primary theme of weather.  We hope to talk about a variety of weather topics including rainbows, temperature, wind, and tornadoes. In the area of Math we wrap up our introduction of numbers but will begin working on ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc).  We will also continue to work on recognizing our last names and on learning our phone numbers.  

There are 4 school weeks in March. 

Week 1:  The number 18  & the letter ”N, n.”    

No Chapel this week.    God is Near and God created nuts and night.


Week 2:  The number 19 & the letter “K, k.”  

Our Bible Story will be “The Mustard Seed.” God is King and God created kangaroos.  


Week 3:  The number 20 and the letter  “W, w.”  

 Our Bible Story will be “Jesus is Tempted in the Desert.”  God is Wise and God created water and wind. 


Week 4:  Letter of the week is “X, x ” and our math focus will be ordinal numbers.      

Our Bible story will be “The Last Supper.”   God is Exalted and God created foxes and oxen.  


Week 5:  This week we will focus on the Easter story as our Bible story and theme.  We will continue to work on ordinal numbers.  


Reminders and Events 

  • Chapel is every morning at 09:45 
  • Music is on Thursdays at 10:30
  • March 3 no school
  • March 4 Wacky Wednesday
  • March 5 Dr. Seuss Party
  • March 9-12 Jack and Annie
  • March 30-April 2 Jack and Annie
  • April 2 Easter Party details to come



Hello parents! It’s hard to believe we are already in March and Spring is knocking on our door!! The Dr. Seuss party was great fun and I know the children had such a fantastic time! Thank you again to all of the parents and volunteers who were able to put together such a great party!

The children are growing so much with each passing week! I am so proud of all they are accomplishing and learning each day. They are becoming more and more like independent learners. The children have been practicing their phone numbers each morning on our phone number mats and we continue to practice writing our first names every day. Please continue to practice writing first names and having them recall their first and last names to you.

This month, I will be doing evaluations on each child and will go over that information with you at our conferences in a few weeks. Also, we will finish introducing numbers 0 – 20, but will continue to review and practice our numbers daily, as well as add in new skills such as combining and decomposing numbers (pre addition/ subtraction) and making patterns.

The next few months will fly by and you will be so amazed at how much they will grow and learn!

Happy March,

Alicia Rowland

A Peek at Our Weeks

Week 1: Letter N and #18

Week 2: Letter K and #19

Week 3: Letter W and #20

Week 4: Letter X and Number Review

Week 5: “Easter”


Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Grubbs
March 2020
The children continue to grow and learn with each passing day. We review their personal information each morning, and most are doing great. Please continue to quiz them each day on this. Have your child practice writing their name without dots. Our fine motor skills are also growing. We will finish our numbers this month (0-20), however we will continue to review numbers and start some simple math.
I have to say this is such a sweet class and they are so well behaved. We love each one of them so much, and can’t believe that school is almost over. Spring pictures are 3/25 as well as their graduation pictures.
I will start evaluations this month, for our conferences on March 30, 31, April 1, &2. Please let me know if you would like to come in for a conference.


Weekly lessons:

Week 1: “God is near”. This week we will introduce the letter “N” and the last number 18. We’ll learn about animals that Nest and Noah”s Ark.
Week 2: “God is King”. The letter this week is “K” and the number be “19”. We’ll have fun making crafts like a Koala, Key, and Kangaroo.
Week 3: “God is wise”. The letter of the week is “W” and the number is 20. We do not have school on Monday. The children will hear the story of “Jonah and the Whale” and make a craft after the story among other crafts.
Week 4: “God is excellent”. The letter this week will be “X” and start learning simple math. For the share bag please try to find an item that has the letter X in it (ie fox).
Week 5: The children will be learning about Easter and making Easter crafts

Dates to remember:
3/4 Wacky Wednesday
3/5 Dr. Seuss’ Party @ 10:30
3/16 Room Parents meeting