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November 2023 Newsletter

Important Dates to Remember:

Nov. 7 – No School

Nov. 10 – No School, Parent Teacher Conference Day

Nov. 16 – Thanksgiving Luncheon @ 11:00 a.m.

Nov. 21 – 23 – No School (Thanksgiving Break)


This month the children will be working with the color brown, letters E, F, G, the number 4, and the “square” shape.  Our monthly theme will be Thanksgiving. 

Tuesday, November 7 the preschool is closed for Election Day.  Friday, November 10 is Parent-Teacher Conference Day.  You will be receiving a reminder notice, in your child’s Communication folder, for your reserved conference time.  If you have not reserved your conference time, you will receive a message through Brightwheel.

Our Thanksgiving Luncheon is Thursday, November 16 at 11:00 a.m.  The children will perform a brief program of music, for your enjoyment, prior to the Luncheon.  Lunch will follow the program.  Family members are invited to attend.   We hope you will be able to join us for some great entertainment, delicious food, and fellowship.  Once the Luncheon is over, you may leave at your convenience, with your child to begin your holiday break.   Additional Luncheon information will be coming to you soon in your child’s blue Communication Folder. 

The week of November 20 -24, the preschool will be closed for Thanksgiving Break.

Please continue to work with your child with their scissor and gluing skills, colors, coloring in the lines, recognition of numbers 1 – 10, counting 1-30, shapes, alphabet, drawing a person (head, neck, shoulders, arms, fingers, trunk, legs, feet, eyes, ears, nose and mouth).  You may also have your child try to write his/her first name, and recognize the specific letters and order of the letters.  Magnetic letters are helpful in name recognition, as well as helping with letter sequencing of name spelling.  Remember to read to your child every day!


Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Petersen & Mrs. Johns


November 2023 Lesson Plans


Mrs. Petersen’s Class


 Color  – Brown        Letters –  EFG           Numbers – 4            Shape – Square


Weekly Themes

Oct. 31 – Nov. 2   –   Thanksgiving

Nov. 8 – 9    –    Thanksgiving

Nov. 14 – 16   –   Thanksgiving

Nov. 21 – 23  –   NO SCHOOL (Thanksgiving Break)

Nov. 28 – 30   –  Christmas          


Bible Stories

Oct. 31 – Nov. 2  –   Baby Moses, Burning Bush, Let My  People Go

Nov. 8 – 9  –    Parting of the Red Sea, The Journey

 Nov. 14 – 16  –   Ten Commandments, Lord’s Prayer

 Nov. 21 – 23  –   No Chapel

Nov. 28 – 30 –   Wise & Foolish Builders